quick garrett sketchies

Trying out gestures on the new tablet for the first time, in addition to choosing which brush I like for drawing them (I’m thinking #1) and trying to get myself back into being able to draw quickly. Roughly three minutes each.

s o u r c e


I’ve been laughing so much at this, because it started out as a serious picture, but the closer I got to finishing it, the more I realized that it looks like Erin is trying to take a selfie with Garrett and he’s trying to run away 

"Come on, it’ll be fun! … Garrett?"

"No. Job’s over."

buuuut anyway. I’m aware that she doesn’t actually use a bow, but I needed something to fill up the space because I didn’t realize how awkward that blank spot looked until the end so


Headcanon that Vivec dipped into Lexie’s unending stock of henna hair dye for the wedding.

This is 20% male kimono, 20% female kimono, and 60% bullshit. Yes, I forgot how to hands. Yes, I was laughing the entire time I was drawing this because Vivec is blushing like an innocent virgin bride. Yes, this is a wedding dress made of stars, because honestly, Vivec would. Yes, sakaki branches grow on a moon - it is truly a miracle of some long-lost Dwemeri science. And finally, yes, this is transparent, because I was too lazy to background. Suggest viewing on not-white, for skirt reasons.